"Where we live is not a landfill and every day is Earth Day."


CLEARWATERWAYS ORG is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Our mission(s): remove man-made refuse from beaches, streams and drains that are outfall areas from urban runoff; habitat restoration; promote anti-littering and alternative packaging.  Where we live is not a landfill...


Environmental Reports

The left hand column introduces the evironmental issue.  Clearwaterways then reaches out to community leaders, agencies, and companies to highlight those issues.  In the right hand column are responses/and or resolutions to our inquiries. We need you to assist us as we advocate for cleaner surroundings.  To become a part of our public outreach please contact us.

NOTE: As progress is made, responses are updated.

Response to Upstream Pollution Report

Response to Garbage Filled Mulch Report

Response to High Tide-Line Beach Clean-Up Report

Response to Homeless Encampment Pollution Report

Response to Packaging Alternatives Report

Response to Pet Waste Disposal Report

Response to Restrooms at Recreational Areas Report

Response to Road Run-Off Report

Response to Charcoal/Ash From Beach Fires Report