"Where we live is not a landfill and every day is Earth Day."


CLEARWATERWAYS ORG is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Our mission(s): remove man-made refuse from beaches, streams and drains that are outfall areas from urban runoff; habitat restoration; promote anti-littering and alternative packaging.  Where we live is not a landfill...


Our Mission

To remove toxic, man-made refuse from beaches and waterways.  We work to restore the visual quality of our waterways, and to remediate toxic chemical effluents resulting from the degredation of plastic and treated materials.  We investigate sources of pollution, make suggestions on how to reduce certain types of pollution, and promote a greater responsiblity regarding the disposal of refuse.  Further, we strive to educate and instill a passion for preservation within younger generations. 

Tim Kirshtner and friends display rocks, shells, driftwood and other items that happily belong on a clean beach.