"Where we live is not a landfill and every day is Earth Day."


CLEARWATERWAYS ORG is a California 501(c)(3) nonprofit.  Our mission(s): remove man-made refuse from beaches, streams and drains that are outfall areas from urban runoff; habitat restoration; promote anti-littering and alternative packaging.  Where we live is not a landfill...


About Us

Tim Kirshtner with his son Riley and friends at Hammond's Beach in Montecito, CA. 

What Do We Do?

Clearwaterways is a grassroots organization where everyday is Earth Day. Our efforts range from providing education and advocacy to galvanizing community volunteers. Our volunteer troops visit local beaches, streams and drainage areas in Santa Barbara and beyong to remove man-made waste. .

Headed up by longtime Santa Barbara resident Tim Kirshtner, Clearwaterways received its 501c3 non profit status in early 2016.  Tim has worked tirelessly and without funding to protect the beauty of the central coast for over 27 years.

Part of Tim's passion is planning for the future, making people think about things like natural packaging that would dissolve in water and prove more environmentally sound. His direction and leadership is focused on achieving the company's philosophy and mission (see our Mission Statement here). 
For more about our history, check out these articles about the establishment of Clearwaterways Organization.
And we'd love to hear from you: feel free to contact us with any questions, or if you would like to volunteer.